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Helen on politics and social media in German

Author Helen Margetts spoke to Hendrik Lehmann of Digital Present on the opportunities and risks for politics in the age of social media. The article, in German, is available on the website of Digital Present. Für eine bessere Politik müssen wir Forderungen an Facebook und Twitter stellen Die Oxford-Professorin Helen Margetts spricht im Interview über […]

Political Turbulence one of the ‘best political books of 2016’

We are honoured Guardian columnist and former political editor of the Observer Gaby Hinsliff included Political Turbulence in her column on the best political books of 2016. For Westminster junkies, meanwhile, one of the most useful things I read all year was a dry tome by four academics on how social media interacts with politics […]

Computational Social Science Winter Symposium

Helen Margetts was a keynote at the 3rd annual Computational Social Science Winter Symposium in Cologne, Germany. Details of her talk are available on the conference website. The Computational Social Science of Turbulent Politics Widespread use of social media is changing politics, by allowing ‘tiny acts’ of political participation which can accumulate in large-scale mobilizations […]

Social information and Trump

What role might social information have played in the Trump campaign? Political Turbulence Author Helen Margetts explores this issue in a blog post for the University of Oxford Commentators have been quick to ‘blame social media’ for ‘ruining’ the 2016 election in putting Mr Donald Trump in the White House. Just as was the case […]

Podcast: Listen to Helen and Peter talk about Political Turbulence

Authors Helen Margetts and Peter John visited the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) on 27 October 2016 to talk about the unpredictability of politics and the influence of social media. A recording of the event is available below or on SoundCloud and more details are on website of the […]

Brexit, voting, and political turbulence

We are still digesting the result of the UK referendum to leave the European Union, but it is clear many events were played out on social media under the varying influences of social information and visibility that we research in Political Turbulence. We explore these influences further on the Princeton University Press Election 2016 Blog. […]

Advancing Good Governance in International Development

Peter John will speak about Political Turbulence as part of an upcoming seminar entitled Advancing Good Governance in International Development held at Rhodes House, University of Oxford, on 9 June 2016. The annual seminar is jointly organised by Camfed International, the Oxford Department of International Development, the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business […]

Peter John speaking at ‘I Will if You Will, Too’: Conditional Commitment in Collective Action

Political Turbulence co-author Peter John will keynote at a research workshop co-organized by King’s College London, City University London, and the University of Swansea on 3 June 2016. The workshop is entitled “‘I Will if You Will, Too’: Conditional Commitment in Collective Action”, and further details are available in the call for papers (.docx) This […]

Hay Festival 2016

Author Helen Margetts discussed Political Turbulence at the 2016 Hay Festival. As people spend increasing proportions of their daily lives using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, they are being invited to support myriad political causes by sharing, liking, endorsing or downloading. Chain reactions caused by these tiny acts of participation form a growing […]