Political Turbulence

Keynote at ACM Web Science Conference

Helen Margetts will speak about Political Turbulence in her keynote at the 2016 ACM Conference on Web Science in Hannover, Germany. The keynote is entitled "Understanding Political Turbulence: The Data Science of Politics," and the abstract is available in full at the link below. Social media are now inextricably intertwined with the political behaviour of ordinary citizens. As people go about their daily lives on an ever-changing cast of web-based platforms, they are invited to make 'micro-donations' of time and effort to political causes: liking, sharing, tweeting, retweeting, following, uploading, downloading, signing petitions and so on, which extend the ladder [...]

19th April 2016

Oxford Literary Festival

Helen Margetts spoke about Political Turbulence at the 2016 Oxford Literary Festival on 3 April 2016. [The authors] demonstrate how most attempts at collective action online fail but some give rise to huge mobilisations and even revolution. Those that succeed are unpredictable, unstable and often unsustainable. They argue that a new form of pluralistic democracy is emerging but one that is chaotic and turbulent. ...Further details

3rd April 2016

Green Templeton: Living by numbers lecture series

Helen Margetts will speak about Political Turbulence at Green Templeton College on Monday 1 February 2016. Her talk is entitled, "Politics by numbers: How social media shape collective action" and forms part of the Green Templeton Lecture series 2016 whose theme is Living by Numbers: Big Data and Society. The talk is from 18:00 to 19:00 in the E P Abraham Lecture Theatre and registration via email to is essential. The talk is the second of four lectures in the Green Templeton Lecture series 2016 whose theme is Living by Numbers: Big Data and Society. The series asks: what [...]

28th January 2016

Book Launch at the OII

A book launch party will be held on Wednesday 27 January at 17:00 at the Oxford Internet Institute. The launch will start with a brief talk about the book by the authors followed by a drinks reception. The publisher, Princeton University Press, will have copies of the book available at a reduced price. The event is free but the guests need to register via Eventbrite.

26th January 2016

Computational social science: A new social physics

Taha Yasseri is talking about how the data from digital technology we use everyday can be used in Computational Social Science. This talk is part of the University of Aberdeen's Festival of Social Science and Science in the Quad Season 3, Institute of Physics in Scotland. Here is the blurb of the talk: As digital technologies, the Internet, and social media become increasingly integrated into society, our daily lives generate unprecedented quantities of digital data. These data provide opportunities to study complex social systems in frameworks similar to those of the natural sciences. We will discuss these new opportunities and [...]

26th October 2015